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Melvin Cortez

It is my great honor and pleasure to be the new Assistant Principal of Student Services at LAAAE. It is my understanding LAAAE has a rich history of academic and cultural excellence that is a result of a mutual partnership between parents, the school staff, and our student population. The efforts of the staff create a positive climate for learning at LAAAE are reflected in the achievements of our students.

We, at LAAAE, believe we can provide a positive learning environment with our PBIS framework that emphasizes the social skills of being Productive, Polite, Prompt, and Prepared. The PBIS system promotes positive attitudes toward school and provides a system of effective approaches that build self-esteem by teaching children respect for themselves and others.

It is truly a wonderful honor to be appointed to the position of Assistant Principal at LAAAE. I am looking forward to working with our dedicated community to provide the best possible learning environment and educational program for our students.