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Benefits and Salary Schedule Information


Instructional Salary Schedule





0 $50,156 $51,156 $52,156


1 $52,012 $53,012 $54,012


2 $54,006 $55,006 $56,006


3 $55,999 $56,999 $57,999


4 $57,993 $58,993 $59,993
6 5 $59,986 $60,986


7 6 $61,979 $62,979


8 7 $63,973 $64,973


9 8 $66,010 $67,010


10 9 $68,092 $69,092


11 10+ $70,475 $71,475


Graduate Degree Differential
Teachers possessing an earned masters or doctorate degree conferred by a regionally accredited university will receive an additional respective $1,000 or $2,000, as noted above.

Mandatory benefits such as sick leave / paid time off (PTO), workers compensation, unemployment insurance, Medicare, and social security (for non-CalSTRS members) are provided by LAAAE in accordance with applicable laws. Full-time employees are provided employer-funded medical, dental, life, long term disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefits. Full-time employees also have access to additional voluntary benefits such as vision. Certificated staff have opportunities to participate in both internally and externally offered professional development activities. Part-time employees may purchase insurance and voluntary benefits. All employees may participate in the summer holdback program which holds a portion of earnings for distribution in June.

Certificated employees with creditable assignments, such as teachers, receive California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) benefits instead of social security benefits. Non-CalSTRS eligible and classified employees receive social security benefits. Employees contribute the required percentage, and the Charter School contributes the required employer’s portion. Withholdings from employees and the Charter School are forwarded to CalSTRS or social security fund as required. LAAAE submits retirement data through LACOE and complies with policies and procedures for payroll reporting. Certificated employees accumulate service years credit in the same manner as other members of CalSTRS. Social security payments will be contributed for all non-certificated / classified employees in accordance to Federal and State laws.