Middle School

Middle School Promotion Policy

Students shall progress through grade levels by demonstrating growth in learning and meeting standards of expected student achievement.

As early as possible in the school year in students’ school careers, the principal or designee shall identify students who may be at risk of retention in accordance with law, Board policy, and the following criteria:

  • Teachers’ grades in courses. Middle school students must successfully complete at least half of their courses to be promoted to the next grade.
  • State-wide achievement test scores (eg California Standards tests).
  • Other performance-based assessments as designated by the school principal.
  • In the case of English Language Learners, student progress towards proficiency in the use of the English Language.
  • In the case of special education students, individual progress toward completion of Individualized Education Program (IEP) objectives.

When a student in grades 6-8 is retained or recommended for retention, the principal or designee shall offer programs of direct, systematic and intensive supplemental instruction in accordance with Education Code 37252.2 to assist the student in overcoming his/her academic deficiencies. Such opportunities may include but are not limited to tutorial programs, after-school programs, and summer school programs.

When a student is identified as being at risk of retention or recommended for retention, the principal or designee shall so notify the student’s parent or guardian in writing as early in the school year as practical. The student’s parent/guardian shall be provided with an opportunity to consult the teachers responsible for the decision to promote or retain the student. (Education Code 48070.5)

The principal/designee shall also provide a copy of the school’s promotion/retention guidelines to those parents/guardians who have been notified that his/her child is eligible for retention.

Before retaining a student, the principal or designee shall determine that:

  • The student has not met standards of expected student achievement.
  • Remedial help has been provided consistently but has not sufficiently prepared the student for advancement.
  • Appropriate support targeted to the student’s needs and maturity will be provided in addition to retention.

To repeal a retention decision, the appealing party shall submit a written request to the principal specifying the reasons that the decision should be overruled. The request shall be placed on the subsequent Board of Director’s agenda and shall be resolved within 60 days.

Adopted July 15, 2013


Middle School Coursework

Middle school students annually take coursework in English language arts, mathematics, science, history-social science, and electives. English language arts courses include: English 6, English 7, English 8, English Language Development 1, English Language Development 2, and Literacy Support. Mathematics courses include: Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Mathematics 3, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Mathematics Support. Science courses include: Integrated Science 1, Integrated Science 2, and Integrated Science 3. History-Social Science courses include: World History Ancient Civilizations 6, World History Medieval Early Times 7, and United States History 8. Middle school students performing below grade level in English language arts or mathematics, are assigned a support class.

Middle school students annually take physical education and another elective. Middle school elective offerings include film, leadership, and exploratory wheel. The exploratory wheel provides middle school students with arts and enterprise instruction enabling them to explore different topics each quarter. The exploratory wheel content changes annually which provides students a broad exposure across the arts and enterprise. The 2019-2020 exploratory wheel includes: Introduction to Business, Instrumental Music, Computer Coding, and Visual Arts. Advanced middle school students may also enroll in high school or college level classes.