Administrative Disciplinary Consequences

Administration Protocols for Extreme, Emergency Situations

Administration Protocols for Extreme and/or Emergency Situations: If a student(s) is involved in any action of violence, possession of any paraphernalia, and possible intoxication, the teacher and/or staff member will contact: 1.) Mr. Cordova, Student Services Specialist 2.) Mr. DeFrenza, Assistant Principal 3.) Mr. Calvo, Principal

Administrative Disciplinary Consequences

Wellness Center Submissions: Students who receive wellness center submissions will be counseled and returned to class as soon as they are able to reintegrate without causing a substantial disruption to the classroom learning environment. While in the wellness center, students will receive counseling, complete classwork and behavior reflections, or read silently. A phone call home will be placed for all punitive wellness center submissions. Parent meetings will be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion.

Office Disciplinary Referrals (ODRs) are issued for the following major behavior categories: cheating, fighting, harassment/bullying, theft/fraud, use/possession of alcohol/drugs, use/possession of weapons, vandalism/property damage, defiance, disrespect, and out of bounds. An ODR will also be issued for every three punitive wellness center submissions the student receives schoolwide. The consequences for each ODR will follow the progressive disciplinary procedures stipulated in the Office Disciplinary Referral Contract.

GROUNDS FOR SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION: Students who present an immediate threat to the health and safety of others may be suspended or expelled. A student may be suspended or expelled for any of the acts enumerated in this section.

REASONS FOR SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION: (EDUCATION CODE 48900 AND 48915) Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise does not consider suspensions or expulsions as effective means of improving student behavior and compliance with school rules and policies. While either or both may become necessary in extraordinary circumstances, disciplinary issues shall first be attempted to be dealt with through other strategies. A student may be suspended or expelled for acts which occur, but not limited to: while on school grounds; while going to or leaving from school; and during, or traveling to or from, a school-sponsored activity. Below are excerpts from the Administrator Recommendation of Expulsion Matrix as posted on the California Department of Education’s website HERE.