Title 1 Compact

Student-Parent-Teacher-Principal Agreement

We understand that in order to promote student learning and success, we must work as a team. This agreement is a promise to work together to foster each student’s intellectual, emotional and physical growth. When students, parents, teachers, and administrators work in concert, they truly become PARTNERS IN LEARNING.


As the STUDENT, I realize my education is important. I know I am the one responsible for my own successes. I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
-Attend school and be on time.
-Adhere to the Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Empathy – understanding of others’ feelings and thoughts
  • Integrity – the quality of being honest and morally strong
  • Respect – deep admiration for something or someone
  • Perseverance – determination to reach success
  • Innovation – the process of creating, changing, transforming

-Follow my school’s dress code.
-Keep my school clean.
-Have a positive attitude about myself and my education.
-Complete all assignments and turn in homework on time.
-Ask for help when I need it.


As the PARENT, I understand that by participating in my child’s education I will help my child succeed. I will be responsible for supporting my child’s learning in the following ways:
-Be involved in parent workshops, school events, and volunteering when possible.
-Support and encourage the completion of assignments and positive discipline.
-Ensure my child receives adequate sleep and a well-balanced diet.
-Provide adequate time and an adequate setting for my child to study in.
-Encourage my child to participate in healthy and positive extracurricular activities.


As the TEACHER, I understand the importance of a high quality education for each student and my responsibility to be a positive role model. I will support students in the following ways:
-Promote self-worth by providing a welcoming, supportive, nurturing, and safe learning environment where all students are valued.
-Become knowledgeable of school/community resources to better meet the needs of students and families.
-Provide engaging instruction and quality lessons based on the State standards while addressing each student’s needs.
-Reward positive behavior with incentives set for through the Positive Behavior System implemented in our school.


As the PRINCIPAL, I understand and support the importance of a high quality education for each student and my responsibility to be an effective leader and will:
-Create a welcoming environment for students and parents.
-Support the school’s mission, goals, discipline guidelines, and rules.
-Ensure a safe and orderly learning environment.
-Act as an instructional leader by supporting teachers in the classrooms.
-Provide parents the opportunity to volunteer, participate, and observe classroom activities.
-Facilitate communication between teachers, parents, and students through conferences, progress reports, and reasonable access to staff.
-Be available to meet with any concerned parties regarding issues related to school programs.


Latest adoption by the School Site Council on September 25, 2019.
Latest adoption by the Board of Directors on October 13, 2019.